Reinforce the IT Security of your
systems and employees

We help individuals and organizations
gain security awareness.

As a non-profit TunaSec organization, we support a safer Internet and improved security for the systems you use.
Our goal is to raise awareness of the IT security of the systems and the people who use these systems. Every one of us is in daily contact with technology and technology is attackable as well as a human being. We strive to help you find out how to defend against these risks.
Security audit and penetration testing
For our customers, we provide security audit of company systems their processes, penetration testing and consulting in area of IT security.
We educate startups, corporations and non-profits in IT Security
A lot of startups don't have processes set up in the area of their IT security. One of the examples is sharing usernames and passwords to shared accounts on Slack, employees using their own personal computers for work with no updates or non-existant backups of critical systems. Some companies don't have transparent policy of gathering data or allow usage of weak passwords. Majority of these problems could be solved by following a couple of basic steps and we can help you implement them to your workflow.
Education of critical groups - sales team, lawyers, ...
We've identified these groups as the most vulnerable to possible data leak and data misuse. It is crucial to keep an eye on their education in the area of IT security.
Articles in the area of IT security for public
Even though our workshops are mainly in-person, we are planning to large part of our knowledge online in the form of blogposts. These will be later extended with webinars and podcasts. All of this information will be present on this site for broad public in Czech and Slovak.
Best practices for development teams
We can analyze the work in development team and propose improvements from the area of IT security. This approach is also called SSDLC - Secure Software Development Lifecycle. Everyone of us has experience in IT area and implementation of these practices and processes within IT teams.
TunaSec z.s.
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