Why work with us?

There are several reasons to work with us. Each of our sponsors has the opportunity to direct our activities and comment on the running and focus of TunaSec. We can also provide added value for contributions in the form of workshops, a basic security audit or another form, depending on the agreement. Our sponsors are promoted at events that we organize as partners.

IT Security assessments

We are able to perform a basic security audit of a company that would like to test its network and employees. More in the Products section.

Blog articles with companies

Each of our partners can provide us with an idea for an article, which they can release into the world in cooperation with us as a joint publication.

Penetration test customers

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References - penetration test

One of our clients is Liferay - company which provides CRM solutions to large banking insitutions and companies such as Bosch or VMWare.

Penetration test target

Our work on the project Pentest for software Liferay DXP 7.3 consisted of cybersecurity analysis of potential vulnerabilities in the application. This application was released to customers to update their Liferay DXP after the end of penetration test.

Scope of pentest and results

The scope of the project was set with the customer to 80 hours, during which we tested the software from the security point of view. The result was a report, where we've outlined discovered vulnerabilities with recommendations, how to fix them.

Companies we've reported vulnerabilities to

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