TunaSec jako hlavní sponzor OWASP Czech Chapter Meetingu v Brně

Ve středu 8. listopadu se uskuteční OWASP Czech chapter meeting, který opět zavítá do Brna. Registrovaným jako vždy nabídne přísun zajímavostí z oblasti IT bezpečnosti a to ve formě dvou večerních přednášek, na které je registrace zcela zdarma. Detaily programu a možnost se registrovat naleznete na Eventbrite.

TunaSec se tento rok stal hlavním sponzorem OWASP Czech Chapter Meetingu v Brně.



  • 18:00 - Doors open!
  • 18:30 - Miloslav Homer - What happens when you issue a bounty on your head
  • 19:30 - Kamil Vavra - Hacking a Cruise Ship
  • 23:00 - Doors close

Information about the speakers and talks

Miloslav Homer

Currently on the defensive side of security, keeping kiwi.com assets protected - from cloud misconfigurations to bug bounty reports. Coming from a penetration tester background, I still retain the hacker's mindset and enjoy breaking into stuff.

What happens when you issue a bounty on your head

Are you considering a public bug-bounty program for your company? This is how it went for us in our first few months. You'll see what awaits you, how such process might benefit you and what to watch out for when preparing for such an undertaking.

Kamil Vavra

@vavkamil is an Ethical Hacker & AppSec Engineer. With a wealth of knowledge gained from countless hours of research, he generously shares his findings with the community, contributing to a safer internet environment for us all. Kamil is also a seasoned bug bounty hunter and has dedicated much of his life to Offensive Web Application Security.

Hacking a Cruise Ship

Have you ever wondered what happens in international waters? It's not just the waves that can be unpredictable, especially when an ethical hacker decides to spend a vacation on board. Cruising the high seas with curiosity and little to do, just a laptop, the majestic Norwegian fjords as the backdrop, and time on his hands, what possibly could go wrong?

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