What we offer

We strive to deliver the best added value and awareness for people interested in IT Security. That is why we have created a set of products with which will help to fulfill our vision.

Security audit and penetration testing

For our customers, we provide security audits of corporate systems, penetration testing and IT security consulting.

We educate startups, organizations and nonprofits about IT security

Many startups and smaller companies do not have properly set up processes within the company's data security. Examples include sharing logins and passwords on Slack, using employees' personal computers that are not updated, or missing system back-ups. Also, some companies do not have a transparent data collection policy or use weak passwords. Most of the possible problems could be solved with the help of a few basic rules, which we will help you put into your work process.

Educating groups in business/sales, lawyers and more

We have identified these groups as the most at risk for possible data leakage and misuse. It is therefore critical to pay attention to their sufficient education in this area.

Articles on IT security for the general public

Although we do workshops in person, we have a lot of information online in the form of blog articles, which we want to expand in the future with webinars and podcasts. All this information is available on this site for the general public.

Best practices for development teams

We can analyze the work in the development team and suggest possible process improvements from the Security perspective (so-called SSDLC - Secure Software Development Lifecycle). We all have experience in the IT field and we have experience with deploying these processes in IT teams.

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